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George W. Bush impersonator
 Presidential Seal Brent Mendenhall
Brent Mendenhall as The President of the United States
gw bush impersonator
Media Quotes & Accolades
George W. Bush
Bush impersonator
Bush impersonator
Print Media:
  • Washington D.C. Times - "Mendenhall is widely acknowledged as the first and most famous 'Dubya' stand-in!"
  • Los Angeles Times - "Mendenhall was on a roll at the Reel Awards!"
  • New York Post - "Brent was turning heads and raising eyebrows at the Democratic National Convention!"
  • Texas Monthly Magazine - "This Bush is a plant!"
  • Kansas City Star - "The resemblance is so uncanny that Mendenhall draws stares when he enters the room!"
  • South Florida Business Journal - "No wonder some people might have thought what looked like George W. Bush was 'Dubya' in the flesh!"
Bush impersonator
Accolades & Recommendations:
  • Mike Wilson, Coors Brewing - "Brent's performance at the Coors Western Regional sales meeting really had the audience fooled, until they started laughing!"
  • Dwight Potts, Midway Ford-Sterling - "His appearance at our customer appreciation golf tournament, complete with Secret Service and a limousine, was a hole in one!"
  • Steven Sponder, CEO BizProLink Network - "We looked at several George Bush look-alikes. The great thing about the Internet is we were able to see what they looked like in advance. Brent is exact!"
  • Daniel Seifried, Integer Group Advertising Agency - "Brent was professional with his act and mannerisms. Our client thought the show was worth the money and intends to use him again!"
  • Kay Ueda, Brentwood Productions - "Our Japanese client was very happy with Brent's look!"
  • Jon Wilson, Stratus Technologies - "Brent's act was the perfect kickoff for our San Antonio 'Think Big' sales meeting. Our international clients really enjoyed the souvenirs from the Polaroid photo session."
  • Sandy Boeckman, Executive Vice President, Missouri Society of Association Executives - "We enjoyed Brent's appearance. He was worth the money."
  • David Schmitt, Textile Rental Service Association - "Brent was a hit at our New Orleans convention."
  • Dave Boudouin, Speakers Corner - "Brent's look was uncanny. Our client really enjoyed the presentation."
Bush impersonator
Notable Quotes:
  • Jay Leno, The Tonight Show - "Yeah, you got the look! Are you an actor?"
  • Larry King, CNN, New Hampshire - "I interviewed the Governor two nights ago. You look a lot like him!"
  • Anne Robinson, The Weakest Link - "You do him (Bush) well."
  • Sean Hannity, Fox News - "Hey Bush guy, you look just like him!"
  • Vance DeGeneres, Comedy Central - "Spooky!"
  • Unidentified Secret Service Agent - "Spooky!"
  • Matt Blunt, Missouri Secretary of State - "I've seen you several times and the look is uncanny."
  • Regis Philbin - "Uncanny"
  • E. D. Donahaye, Fox and Friends - "He looks just like him, doesn't he?!"
  • Pat Boone - "Wow! You really look like him."
  • Dave Berry, syndicated humor columnist - "I know Jeb and I see the family resemblance. Let me tell you a funny story about Barbara..."
  • Jack Oliver, Deputy Chairman, RNC - "You look just like him (Bush) you know!"
  • Bill Bradley, New Hampshire - "You had me fooled for a minute there!"
  • Bev Smith, American Urban Radio - "Honey, you sure look like Bush!"
  • Unidentified US Capitol guard - "Wow, you really surprised me. They didn't tell me they were going to let him (Bush) out today!"
  • Helen Thomas, veteran White House press corespondent and well-known liberal - "Yeah, you look like him. You even look like his father. Your eyes aren't as beady and shifty as his though!"
  • Tim Watters, Noted Clinton look-alike (over 200 appearances on Leno) - "I blazed the trail as a Presidential look-alike. I've talked to several Bush look-alikes, but I'm passing the torch to you." - Vancouver, BC, June 2001
  • Steve Herek, Director: "Life, Or Something Like It" - "You did great. I enjoyed working with you."
  • George W. Bush to Brent Mendenhall - "Best wishes!"
George W. Bush
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Brent Mendenhall as the President!
Brent delivers a professional and humorous look-alike presentation as George W. Bush, the President of the United States. He is available for corporate, political and private events deserving of a 'Presidential' visit.
Brent Mendenhall as George W. Bush
George W. Bush impersonations

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